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5 Coloured Kurta Set That You Must Have in Your Wardrobe


The one type of clothing that we all trust for any traditional occasion, especially for weddings, must be Kurta Sets. No matter how confused you are about what to wear, kurta sets for women are always to the rescue. 

Colours That You Must Have for Your Kurta Sets

When in need, designer kurtis have always been there for us to choose lastly. But that doesn’t mean they mean the least to us, right? So, why not buy the kurtas that you will always love? In colours that will be in trend forever? So that you can wear them anytime and always look stylish. 


Pink Coloured Kurta set

Pink is one of the colours that looks good on any complexion. The pink kurta set for women here has this beautiful tie-dye influenced print. It has an intricate pink embroidery work that goes well with the pink colour of the kurta. It comes with a matching sharara and a dupatta. It creates an amazing outfit together. You can team it up with some simple earring and that’s it. You are good to go!


Teal Colour Kurta set

One of the colours in trend right now, which we think will last forever in trend is - Teal. The colour is a perfect combination of green and blue, green on the haviour side, making it look a lot like the peacock green. These teal kurtis for women here have beautiful embroidery on the top continuing through the shoulders to the elbows of the kurta. The dress has beautiful flares at the end of the sleeve around the elbow. The bottom half of the kurta has gota lace stitched vertically which gives you a taller look. The teal colour best compliments a person with fair or medium skin complexion.

Sky Blue

Sky Blue colour Kurta set

The sky blue colour, is considered to be one of the best colours for the morning and early evening functions, as the sunlight highlights the beauty of these colours as well as the beauty of the lady that’s wearing it. This particular designer kurta for women here has a powder sky blue like shade and suits best on the medium skin toned person. It also has this beautiful pink floral embroidery work on at the top and golden criss - cross pattern at the sleeves and at the bottom of the pants.


Green colour kurta set

Let us just all agree that green is never going out of fashion. This beautiful dark green colour suits every complexion. It has this intricate thread embroidery on the kurta with sequences. The straight fit kurta with flared sharara gives your body a sleek look. You can pair this Kurta set for women with chunky silver earring and leave your hair open for an effortless look.


Mustard colour kurta set

Mustard yellow, ladies will always be needed in your wardrobe i assure you. The haldi especially outof all functions will never be complete without everyone following the only yellow rule. The mustard colour compliments the best to the darker skin complexions. This designer kurta set women here has beautiful embroidery work on it with gota lace. The flares of both, the kurta-sleeves and the sharara has cute star embroidery. You can carry simple earrings, some rings and a bindi to rock the haldi function. 

Wrap Up:

Ladies, kurta sets are going to be forever young. But only the colours, designs, and fabrics will make our own kurta sets be forever young. So, keep it simple and choose the right colours, to let them never go out of fashion.

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