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5 Red designer Sarees for Newly- Wed Brides

by Mayur Zinzala 12 Sep 2023

Red colour red is counted very auspicious according to Indian traditions. Thus, most brides choose the colour Red for their bridal lehenga and even for their designer saree for the after-marriage functions. 

Newly wed brides have a lot to take care of even after the wedding. Newly wed couples have to attend many after marriage poojas and functions and places. And just like weddings, they are the centre of attraction. The way they dress, and accessories are always where the eyes are.

Red designer Sarees for Women

The perfect red designer sarees for your after wedding sarees, that catches all eyes for you. The best handloom Indian silk sarees, Georgette sarees, chiffon sarees, and more  that are not just beautiful but also a tradition that you can carry forward.

Sarees for Newly Wed Brides

Red Banarasi Silk Saree

The Red Banarasi Silk Saree with a beautiful zig-zag print that resembles the Leheriya Print from the Indian-Rajasthani Tradition. A beautiful handloom red saree, with a beautiful flower print border. The red and golden weave saree, with royal blue tassels gives the red banarasi saree a royal touch. Accessories with a pair of heavy earrings and a big ring and pull your hair back in a bun for an effortless look.
Banarasi Silk Saree

Red Floral Printed Saree

The red georgette floral printed sarees for the brides who choose comfort for fashion. The beautiful red saree with red and green flower print all over th saree. The red georgette saree with the pearl lace border that elevates the look of your saree. Style it with some dainty gold jewellery and leave your hair down, straightened.
Printed Saree

Red Chiffon SIlk Saree

Chiffon Silk sarees may be a dream of every Indian girl, because of Bollywood. Dancing in the icy-cold weather on the mountains of Manali in a chiffon saree! Well, if that is the case with you too, then this chiffon silk designer saree will be perfect for you. The beautiful red saree gives a modern touch. The silver foil detail that reflects the light and shines subtle yet bright enough. Pair it with a black blouse or a black long sleeve basic t-shirt to give it a further modern touch. Put together an outfit by pairing it with a pair of statement silver earrings and you are good to go. 

Designer saree for women

Red Soft SIlk Saree 

A traditional handloom red Paithani soft silk saree of such soft and comfortable and beautiful material. The beautiful red Paithani silk saree weave speaks itself for its talented craftsmanship. The rich meenakari Paithani pallu and the contrasting meenakari border gives it the perfect look that it has. The tassels, attached to give it a playful touch. Pair it with a red blouse to carry a red monochrome look. Accessories with some gold jewellery that goes with the royal look of the saree itself.

Soft silk saree 

Nude and Red Chiffon Silk Saree

To be really honest, it doesn’t matter what colour you choose for your designer saree as long as you are confident in it. So, to follow with the title of the blog and yet to encourage you to be an unique self that you are, a nude and red chiffon silk saree. The red coloured floral print to carry forward the tradition of wearing red saree, and the nude colour to balance the tradition and the modern beliefs. The beautiful floral printed saree with pearl lace border truly elevates the look of the saree. Enhance your look with a pair of statement earrings to put your modern thought forward while carrying the respect for traditions with the saree. 

Pure Silk Saree

To Wrap It Up,

Sarees are not just about traditions, it is about the grace that it gives you. The confidence that you get in the outfit. The royal look when you wear an Indian silk saree. The beautiful silhouette of a chiffon saree. The chance for the ‘Shringar’ that you’ve always seen women doing and being the prettiest versions of themselves during the weddings. 

It is always up to you what you wear and how you wear it. Be it a saree, a kurta, jeans, shorts or other outfits. All counts when you are confident and comfortable.

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