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6 Lehenga Choli That Suits Every Complexion

by Upasna Vaghasiya 12 Dec 2022

We live in India. And here any piece of clothing is never worn by just one person. Especially wedding outfits. The wedding designer lehenga choli gets repeated maybe not by the same person but, by the best friend, or the sibling, or the cousin sister, or in some cases mothers as well. And ofcourse all of us have different complexions. So, if you are also someone who is most likely to share your clothes with your other girls, then this blog is for you.


God made us all unique. But somehow we did manage to find some qualities that we can unite with. And one of the odds of them is complexion. We have divided the skin complexion fair, medium, and dark. Which also follows by the division of undertones: cool and warm. But it is obvious that the clothes we buy and are willing to share will be worn by different people of different complexions. So, to tackle your problem of buying a lehenga-that-suits-all, we are bringing to you 6 designer lehenga choli that suits every complexion.


The pink Chaniya choli with just the right shade of light pink will suit all skin complexions, be it fair, medium or dark. The light pink colour, with silver coloured embroidery work will suit the medium and darker complexion when they accessories the lehenga with a pair of silver jhumkas and a maang-tikka, a bindi and some chudiyan. You can pull your hair back in a bun for a sleek look as well. The fair skin toned ones can also pair this Indian party wear lehenga choli with a neck-piece, earrings, a bracelet and can keep their hair down.  


The all white lehenga choli, with of course an offwhite colour tone will highlight all the skin complexion perfectly. It can balance the tone of your fair complexion or can highlight the beauty of your darker complexions. Pair this designer lehenga choli with a simple pearl or silver neck piece, earrings, and a bracelet. You can leave your hair down and you are ready to rock with the royal look.  


People of every complexion must agree that black suits them all. It is the dark black colour that blends with the darker skin tones and highlights the lighter ones. And a black party wear lehenga choli with some golden touch will obviously work wonders. Pair it with some simple diamond earrings and some rings. You can also experiment with your make up with this all black outfit.


A banarasi silk lehenga with a stylish black choli will do the justice for you all. The banarasi printed lehenga itself is super attractive and helps you highlight your skin tone with just the right amount of right colours. It blends with any skin tone and does its charm. You can pair it with just some heavy statement earrings and a pair f black high heels and you are good to go. 

The colour combination/ contrast

The most difficult thing to do to create an outfit for all colour complexions is colour combination/ contrast. One colour may look good on one type of skin complexion but it may not look as good on the other. It is truly hard to create a colour combination/ contrast that can suit every complexion. But here’s an outfit created tried and tested - that suits all complexions. The white embroidery party wear lehenga helps to highlight the beauty of the dark skin tones, whereas the pink blouse helps in highlighting the fair tones. The yellow dupatta on the other hand balances the entire outfit. It can be paired up with some statement earrings and a big ring to keep it simple and let the colour do its work. 


Another difficult thing to do to create an outfit that suits all is - Prints. You have to look for perfect colours, the contrast, and the designs carefully. The printed lehenga choli here is a perfect example of a well put together outfit that suits all complexions. The red printed butter silk lehenga with a yellow printed dupatta with real mirror work and green tasselled border to balance the heavy colour contrast. A white blouse with real mirror work on it to balance the heavy contrast. The colour contrast of this outfit gives a pretty indian aesthetic vibe, so you can pair it with some indian style pearl or gold jewellery. And some green bangles to match the tasselled border. 

Wrap it up: 

There are a number of theories which suggest what colours go with which skin complexions the best. But you can only decide that by experimenting. And when you have a line of girl-friends/ sisters to share your designer lehenga choli with, you want an outfit that can suit you all perfectly and you all can rock the show one person at a time! 

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