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Red Banarasi Saree for Wedding This Year

by Upasna Vaghasiya 20 Feb 2023

Banarasi SareeIt is not easy to wrap six yards of fabric, but it looks so fabulous that it's worth it.

Pure Banarasi silk sarees are famous for their eye-catching hues and shiny weave, and they have a mysterious ability to catch everyone's attention. 

The majority of ladies in the country prefer handloom Banarasi sarees for weddings alike. Pure Banarasi silk sarees are the most popular Indian ethnic clothing among Bollywood divas, not simply among the general populace. 

Many divas have been spotted wearing pure  Banarasi silk sarees in the same colours time and time again. Bollywood has never turned down the chance to wear Banarasi sarees for weddings, other celebrations, or even movie promotions.

Every woman's first option when it comes to sarees is now these stunning and captivating banarasi sarees, which have gained immense popularity. Women all across the world value the stylish and unique weavings created by designers who use zari, patterns, and emeralds. 

But how were these sarees created?

The origin of the Banarasi saree can be traced to the Mughal era, even though the history of Banarasi silk sarees can be traced back to the epic Ramayana in 5301 BC. Therefore, it can be said with certainty that the Mughal empire introduced banarasi silk to India with its intricate weaving and designing craftsmanship.

 Because silk is regarded as the most elegant and sophisticated fabric in the world, women often wore it as jewellery and it was widely employed in the royal court. 

The classic history of Shah Jahan, "Shah Jahan Nama," has long praised Nur Jahan Begum for creating and popularising innovative clothing and design employing fabric. 

When the Banarasi sarees first came out, they had genuine gold and silver threads produced just for the royal family. The threads have been replaced with coloured gold and silver threads nowadays to make them more cheap.

These well-known sarees, which have striking patterns and colours, are handloomed and exported all over the world. Book your designer saree for a wedding with Indistyle.

A Banarasi saree is typically woven in 15 to 30 days or longer, depending on the complexity of the motifs. However, it depends on how intricate the patterns and designs are. This saree typically requires the work of three weavers. 

One is responsible for saree weaving, the second manages the rotating ring used to create bundles, and the third helps with border design. The Banarasi saree is a collaborative effort. A Banarasi saree should ideally have 5600 thread wires, each measuring 45 inches broad, and the base measuring 24-26 inches long. Beginning with the bundle, the themes are created.

When it comes to banarasi silk, there are many handwoven motifs or patterns to choose from:

  1. Tanchoi: Tanchoi is one of the most complex weaving methods, using one or two warp strands and numerous weft colours. 
    Famous motifs made with this method, known as additional weft, include floral, geometrical, and animal patterns.
    Tanchoi sarees are typically constructed with tiny, intricate patterns that produce a very soft cloth and eliminate the need for cutting at the back.

  2. Ektara: Ektara, also known as Ek Taar, is a complicated needlepoint technique. The traditional weaving method is used to produce affine fabric, which has a mesh-like structure and resists easy crumpling. 
    Ektara, often known as the fabric of royalty, is made on a traditional pit loom utilising the Paanch Kaadhi technique and a multi-warp heddle shaft or Gethua loom.
    It is one of the finest weaves from Banaras and is frequently used in sarees that also have real zari and rangkaat.

  3. Phekwa: also known as cutwork, is a type of weaving in which the weft yarn is woven into the warp from one end to the other, giving the fabric's surface, also known as the zamin, textures. Single silk yarn, resham, zari, or both wound around shuttles can be used for this.

  4. Jangla: A plain fabric with a katan warp and katan weft that is heavily and intricately woven with floral and bird themes. It is decorated all over with an additional weft of zari or silk. The designs are weaved in zari in gold and silver.

  5. Jamdani: This weave is distinguished by incorporating patterns in thicker thread to create an impact on a light, translucent cloth.

  6. Kinkhab: The use of copious gold is the specialty of  silver thread, making the silk background barely discernible.

Get the latest wedding sarees collection at Indistyle. Nowadays, rather than the classic handloom, machine loom products of the questionable polyester sort are the majority of what you will discover in the market. 

But don't worry, if you're searching for places to buy genuine Pure banarasi silk indian saree online, which are crafted from the purest silks utilising age-old techniques, Indistyle will be the place you look. We also ship our sarees online Usa too. 

You can view our most recent selection of sarees, which includes festive wear, bridal wear, and wedding attire. By pressing a button, you may now save time and money spent hunting for authentic pure banarasi silk sarees.

A saree is not just an attire, it's an emotion!!


  1. Is the product exactly how it appears on the website?
    The products and textiles are exactly as they are depicted on the internet, yes. We make an effort to display the actual goods on our website. However, there will be some changes because of the light and equipment.

  2. Do you have real zari Banarasi sarees? What's the price?
    Indeed, we do. Due to the weaving methods and fabric, the price of these sarees varies.

  3. How should my Banarasi silk saree be stored?
    All Banarasi silk sarees are handmade and composed of pure silk, thus they require proper maintenance. To learn how to properly preserve your Banarasi silk sarees, please watch this video.

  4. Do you create sarees with special designs?
    We sell hand-loomed saris. One saree takes months to weave. As a result, we cannot accept special orders.


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