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Saree Styling Tips: Winter Addition

by Upasna Vaghasiya 20 Feb 2023
Designer Saree

Winter is coming! And so does the wedding season! Well, which means it is the time to rock and roll in your sarees, ladies! But of course we understand the problem we all face while wearing a designer saree in the winter. It feels cool at first, wearing your favourite saree, with an elegant blouse and beautiful jewelleries, but gets freezing cold after a while. And all you can do is take your pallu and wrap it around your body and kill the whole charm of your actual look in the saree. 

Rock your Sarees in Winter

But not anymore! As we have got you some best styling tips to rock your sarees even in winter!

Sweaters & Pullovers 

Sarees are the best thing to pair with your crop tops, shirts and now sweaters  & pullovers too. The basic pullovers or sweaters can bring out the beautiful look of your saree by supporting it with a strong single colour base. You can go with a simple black, white or beige colour or can also match your sweater/ pullover with your banarasi saree to elevate the look.


Pairing your saree with your jacket is one of the classiest things to do in the winter. It clearly describes your comprehensive understanding of fashion, as simply styling your jacket with your saree speaks for your understanding of comfort and style in your fashion sense. You can pair your formal jackets with Indian silk saree by folding the pleats of your pallu around your neck and leaving it till your stomach, with a belt tying everything in style around your waist. 


Denims are undoubtedly the coolest thing ever invented in fashion, which is surely never going out of fashion. So are the sarees, right? So, why not spice them up together? Well, denim jackets give you the cool vibe and the sarees an ethenic, so simply wearing linen sarees or soft silk saree with denim jacket on top, will give you a decent look for any casual event. 


This style tip has been around in fashion ever since. But only the elderly ladies seem to carry this style, and mostly no young woman gives this style a try. But styling your shawl with your saree correctly, can give you a very elegant look. And you don’t even need to put much effort into it. You just need to carry a shawl that goes well with your saree, for example a black thread-embroidered shawl with a banarasi silk saree. You can simply style your shawl by letting it fall on the shoulder that is not wrapped with your pallu- pleats. You can then just tie the shawl around your waist with a belt and you are ready to rock the shawl with your saree elegantly.

Short Kurtis

This may sound a little old fashioned, but pairing your designer saree with a short kurti that has long sleeves and covers your waist completely can keep you warm in the times of winter. You can choose a thick fabric for the kurti and get it embroidered to team up with the saree perfectly. You can design the kurti just the way you design your blouse. You can accessorise it with simple earrings, and some rings. You don’t need to wear a necklace as the kurti-blouse will do the enough justice to your outfit.  It will cover up your body, keep you warm and will keep you stylish as well.


Belts, Kamrband, brooches, etc. are also a few things you can style your sarees with. You can pair any piece of clothing with your saree and add a belt or a kamarband or a brooch to it and you are good to go! You can add a blazer, or a jacket or a shawl with your saree and tie them with a belt to add that elegant element to your stylish saree look. You can also put on a basic pull over or crop tops or shirts/ t-shirts with your saree and add a little brooch to your saree and you are all in style!  

Winters may seem tough to carry some pieces of clothing, but are you even a fashionista if you don’t get your way out of it! Just kidding. The point being, you don’t need to be freezing in a saree in the winter, nor do you need to sacrifice your desire to wear sarees or silk sarees for a wedding just because it’s too cold. You can simply use the given tips and stye your way out!


  1. What to wear with a saree during winter and still look stylish?
    You can put on a jacket, a blazer, basic pullovers, shirts/ t-shirts, etc. with your saree instead of your basic blouse. You can also style a shawl with your saree if you are not comfortable pairing anything else than a blouse with your saree.

  2. How to style a jacket with your saree?
    You can simply drape your saree by pinning the pallu to your shoulder so that it doesn’t bother you while you wear the jacket. Then you wear your jacket over your saree. If your jacket goes below the waist, we suggest you tie it with a fancy belt. If not, you can simply put on a fancy brooch to your jacket. 

  3. What accessories can you pair with a jacket over a saree?
    You can pair your jacket with your saree by accessorising it with a fancy belt, a kamarband, brooch, and many such accessories. 
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