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Sarees for Newly–Wed Brides!!


Everyone has an eye on newly wed couples, especially on brides after the marriage. As it is exciting to see how the new home, new people, and the new lifestyle changes them and their personality all of a sudden. After marriage when you leave your home and adopt a completely new lifestyle, you may tend to change your style as well. As according to Indian traditions, the new brides wear designer saree in every first function she attends after the wedding, like first pooja, first diwali, first karwa chauth, etc. If this is your case too, then this blog is definitely for you. 

Sarees for New Brides

If you are about to attend one of the ‘first-function’ then there will definitely be eyes looking at you. And we can keep those eyes looking at you in awe as we have gathered some of the best designer sarees that will make you look the prettiest of all. 

Paithani Sarees

The charm of the red paithani soft silk saree! In Indian tradition, red colour is considered to be very propitious for bridges. The new brides are suggested to wear red sarees in their first functions after the wedding by the elderly ladies. The red  paithani sarees are made with silk and zari work. Which lights you with a royal look. The red silk with zari work on top, also has a beautiful border and the pallu. This paithani saree has just the right rose red colour that can suit any skin complexion. You can pair it with your heavy wedding-jhumkas, a bindi and of course your wedding choora.

linen Sarees

The linen sarees with lighter colour tones are for the day time semi-casual functions. It gives you a calm vibe and the copper zari adds the ethnic touch. You can pair it with a backless bose, some simple earrings, bangles, and rings. You can also pull your hair back in a bun for a clean look.

Kalamkari Print

This kalamkari print is probably the prettiest traditional-modern print. The colour combination and the pattern over it creates a beautiful design. The pallu also has some cute tassels. You can pair it with a simple black blouse, and some antique silver jewellery. The one with a quirky personality will like this designer saree the best when it comes to marking a statement with their style. 

Kanjeevaram Sarees

A Kanjeevaram saree is a must have saree in the closets of every woman. The deep colours for the base and the golden pattern over it gives you an instant royal look. Kanchipuram silk sarees are also considered to be one of the best silk sarees for wedding gifts. You can also pair this saree with your wedding accessories to attend other weddings. And you can pair it with simple gold earrings to turn it into a party wear saree. 

Zari work - Cotton Sarees

Every woman needs a cotton saree in her closet for the times in summer where you have to be present for hours in a function wearing a saree. Sure, sarees are probably the attire that makes every woman look the best, but it is a 5 metre fabric wrapped around your waist! Sometimes sarees can get uncomfortable, especially in summer. For those times, you can carry a cotton saree that feels much more comfortable then other sarees. This handloom weaving cotton saree is the best example for such occasions. It has a light green colour for the base and has beautiful copper zari jaal work over it. The border of this designer saree has a beautiful pattern and cute tassels. You can pair this elegant saree with a simple black or white backless blouse. Elevate your look with a statement choker & earrings. Pull your hair back in a bun and elevate your hairstyle with a white flower or a ‘gajra’.

Wrap Up: 

Weddings are already a hussle. You have a lot of work to do, a lot of dressing up, a lot of rituals and poojas, and mostly hard things to do- leaving one home and settling in your other home. So, you may want to take a rest after the wedding and not think much about the surroundings as you just passed a phase where you were the centre of attraction. So, here we have gathered you some beautiful designer cotton and Indian silk sarees that you can pick for your upcoming function without thinking much, as they will look just the best on you.  

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