Exchange and Return Policy

Exchange and Return Policy

This website is operated by IndiStyle. Throughout the site, the terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to Indistyle. Indistyle offers this website, including all information, tools, and services available from this site to you, the user, conditioned upon your acceptance of the policy stated here.

We ensure to provide the best products to our clients through our website ( ). Our products go through multiple quality assurance test and then is packaged and delivered to your doorsteps. 

We offer our customers with following exchange and return policy to know your rights to exchange and return for our products. We advise you to go through the exchange and return policy before you make your decision to purchase to have a clear understanding of the conditions and avoid any lack of information. 

If you do not want to adhere to any of our exchange and return policies you should not purchase from our website. 

Eligibility for Exchange and Return Policy  

Your order will be eligible for exchange and return  if they meet the following conditions 

  • The product must be ordered from our website ( ) to be valid. 
  • There must be proof of order placement available with the customer. 
  • If there is a manufacturing error in the apparel you received.
  • If a part of the apparel is missing from the order you received 
  • The apparel should be in its fresh state: unwashed, unused, with all the tags and labels intact in place. 
  • They do not fit you or are of a different size than your order. 
  • You are not satisfied with the quality of the product you have received. 
  • Customers must have all the bills, packaging, and other delivery package items with them. 

Acceptance Conditions for the Exchange and Return Policy

We will accept and process your exchange and return requests if you adhere to the following conditions. 

  • You must request an exchange, and return your order within 48 hours of delivery. If the order is dispatched, you may have to pay for the logistics charges. 
  • Customers must provide us with an unboxing video to demand an exchange and return for a product. 
  • In case of manufacturing errors, we will check for any manufacturing errors, If deemed right then only we will process the exchange and return request. 
  • You must not directly send us your exchange or return products. First, you must inform us about your exchange and return order and once you receive our confirmation for the exchange and return request should you send us the delivery. 
  • The exchange and return request should be made from the same account that had been placed, confirmed, and paid for the order. 

NOTE: We accept exchange and return requests for products purchased from our official site.  

Refusing Conditions for the Exchange and Return Policy

We have the right to refuse your exchange and return request under the following circumstances. 

  • The deadline for demanding a return or exchange has passed. 
  • The customer doesn't have an appropriate reason to demand an exchange and return.
  • The product does not adhere to any one eligibility of the exchange and return mentioned above. 

Process for Exchange and Return 

The customers must follow a basic process to demand exchange and return for the products meeting our accepting conditions for the same. 

  • They first need to send us an email that has the following information attached to it. 
  • Unboxing video of the product Product details like product number, invoice, SKU, proof of damaged parts (if needed), and order number. 
  • We will contact you for further process. 
  • If exchange and return are accepted we will communicate with you regarding the same. 
  • We will provide you with an exchange and return within 12-15 business days. 
  • In case of returning the product, the customer has to pay the return delivery charges. 

NOTE: This time period may vary due to many affecting factors. We will communicate with you directly in case of any delay in processing your exchange and return requests. 

Exchange And Return Of The Product

In case the product has a manufacturing error, fitting issue, or quality issue you may request an exchange or return from us. We will provide you with a replacement for the same product or another product that you like the most. We may provide you with a proper return delivery procedure via email or direct contact. 

For defective customized products, we offer to exchange the product. The customer is responsible for paying shipping charges for exchanging customized products. 

In case you want some other product, we recommend you first return the product you have and then separately purchase the other product to avoid any inconvenience. 

The product must be delivered to us by a legitimate delivery service provider. We may provide you with a suggestion for delivery companies we recommend. 

Contact Information

Questions about the exchange and return should be sent to us at